Sunday, April 15, 2018

Conference Presentation & upcoming webinar

Hello, my friends!

Well, I just finished an amazing weekend at the Smith College Women of Color Conference. It was sheer joy for me to co-present with my friend Lori Tharps; this is something we planned to do WAY back in 2010. It's so exciting when a dream is realized!

The title of our topic this time was "Same Family, Different Colors: Changing the Narrative for Society and Ourselves." It was a overview of colorism and color bias in the United States based on  Lori's research (and book of the same title) and my personal narrative as an Japanese-American adoptee and twelve years living in Japan. We had some honest, real conversation (wished there was time for more!) and for a first-time presentation, I was really pleased with everyone's reactions. I will confess: I am especially grateful for the woman who spoke up during the presentation to correct my reference to geishas. It was a classic example of being able to manage intent versus impact: a cultural competency skill learned from Jones & Associates Consulting (see handout circa 2011). I apologized for my impact publicly - and wished I had a chance to follow up individually. If you are reading this, please do reach out!

And the conference also rejuvenated my desire to share my story and, once again, revive this blog. At least for now with this post!

Secondly, I returned home to check my email and I found this alert in my email inbox: a post by Hopscotch Adoptions for an upcoming webinar that I thought compelling enough to share! What I love about this webinar is that it appears to be a moderated panel of adoptee voices -- something I am a BIG advocate for in the conversations around families formed by adoption. Gotta listen to OUR stories, please.

Perspectives on Transracial Adoption
Thursday, May 10 at 9 pm EDT
Estimated 1.5 hours
This webcast is brought to you by ALP in cooperation with Our Children: An Education & Empowerment Series.
Register here

Until next time...