Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life on the Color Line

I'm determined to blog at LEAST once a keep an eye out for new posts on Sundays.

I dove into my summer reading, "Life on the Color Line", wondering if I would identify with the author on any points of similarity. Instead, I was amazed at the life experiences of Gregory Williams, before the age of TEN! Now I see why he thanks his wife in the book dedication for "giving him the courage to tell his story." I don't want to give anything away, but this book is truly a must-read (so far). It's intense and fascinating all at the same time.

I also follow a blog called Color Online. They are having a Summer Book Giveaway: visit their site for more information. The last book they offer is about an adopted daughter whose father is running for president. Publicity tries to accentuate her "American-ness" and downplay her international identity. Needless to say, it piqued my interest.


Color Online said...

Glad you came by. I am your first follower! The name of your blog piqued my interest. Looking forward to hearing your views and getting to know you.

Good luck in the giveaway.


JBH said...


Thanks for being my first follower! I was wondering who would step up and be first!