Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hot off the press...Beyond Culture Camp!

Well,  I've had a lot of blog ingredients for November (National Adoption Awareness Month), but it's been stewing and simmering and has not been posted yet!  So while you are patiently waiting for my new posts, I give you this exciting appetizer!

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute has just released the results of their research: Beyond Culture Camp: Promoting Healthy Identity Formation in Adoption. To quote from their website, "This study, released in November, is the broadest, most extensive examination of adult adoptive identity to date, based on input from the primary experts on the subject: adults who were adopted as children."

The release of this report is perfect timing for my other big announcement: I'm presenting a workshop on my identity formation as a transracial adoptee at the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference on Friday, Dec. 4 in Denver, CO.  Based on the principal recommendations  listed on the website, I am eager to read it and incorporate it into my presentation! 

Enjoy, my friends. 


Kristina said...

Go, you!!

JBH said...

Thanks, Kristina.

To all: a date correction for my presentation - it's THURS. DEC. 3! :-)