Friday, August 13, 2010

Adoption Stories on PBS and elsewhere

Recently, I was able to find a moment to relax with my kids in front of the T.V. I admit it, THEY were in control of the programming. However, during one commercial break when I happened to wrestle the remote control away from their tight little grip, I quickly flipped to our local PBS station. There I was: smack in the middle of a documentary about international/transracial adoption. Oh, what a serendipitous find! Albeit a short glimpse, I was mesmerized by the story of a Korean American woman who was visiting her birth family.  Soon afterwards, and following protests from my kids, I had to relinquish the T.V. and return to their program (America's Got Talent or something like that).

I discovered today that the program I had stumbled upon was PBS's P.O.V. and the film: First Person Plural. In fact, PBS is running an "Adoption Stories" series starting August 31, 2010.

Watch the full episode. See more POV.

After doing a bit of research, I realized that there are SO many wonderful documentaries about adoption that I'd like to see. In addition to the three documentaries above, here's a few more I'd like to see:

Adopted by Barb Lee
Living on the Fault Line: where race and family meet by Jeff Farber. Actually, I own it and recommend it.
DMC: My Adoption Journey by Rick Sasson. The story of Darryl McDaniels. Follow weblink to view online.

Readers, any other adoption documentaries that you have seen, enjoyed, or wish you could see? Please share.


Anonymous said...

Adopted is available from NetFlx

JBH said...

Anon: Thanks! I may have to renew my membership to NetFlix just to see this!