Monday, March 19, 2012

Embryo Adoption?

Wow. You learn something new every day. I just came across a site (Nightlight Christian Adoptions) that offers  the service of "Snowflakes Embryo Adoption". As quoted from their website,
"Believe it or not, the miracle of giving birth to your adopted baby is possible." 
There are extra embryos, created for IVF treatments that have been frozen, waiting for a womb to receive them. This is where embryo adoption comes into place. After the background checks and health history, the doctor will make the frozen embryo transfer and the couple hopes that they become pregnant with their new adopted child...uh, embryo.

Again, I I'm not sure if I should be happy...or creeped out. I'm trying to keep an open mind here, especially since I've never experienced the loneliness, pain and disappointment that comes from infertility. Reading Secret Daughter has given me a little insight into this world.

What do you think about adopting (and carrying) an embryo? Thoughts, please.

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WP said...

I have mixed feelings. Some of my concern is about making sure those individuals have the right to obtain accurate biological/genetic information as some donors are anonymous. Furthermore, some adoptive parents purposefully choose anonymous donors for various reasons, but I feel pretty strongly that people should have a basic human right to truth about their own biology. The other area of some "ick" for me is that I think the laws treat the embryos as property. I can see that potentially being difficult for those individuals.