Saturday, June 8, 2013

Exciting news: an update

In my earlier post, I mentioned some of the exciting connections I've been making in the adoption world here in Massachusetts. Well, here's the update:

  1. On Labor Day 2012 weekend, I was able to present "Think Outside the Box: identity and intersectionality" at Smith College's training for House Diversity Representatives. What a blast - and it was amazing, encouraging and uplifting to connect with other Smithies who are social justice advocates. I'm forever grateful to them for inviting me and allowing me to be a part of their training session to ensure that social justice issues on campus are being addressed.
  2. In February 2013, the Adoption Mentoring Program cohort groups met in two sessions to participate in my "Adoption Fusion" workshop. I need to touch base with the folks at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County to get feedback about it. My hope is that everyone was able to learn a little bit more about each other's stories - and about their own identity journey.
  3. In April 2013, I presented at the Asian American Footsteps Conference: a high school student conference who identify as Asian, Asian American or mixed-Asian. And I asked to bring my local, Asian adoptee high school friends...who are eager to go and connect with other Asians, of course. And I wasn't alone in my travels to The Pingree School that day: my colleague and two students from my school went with me...eagerly! Kudos to them for meeting me at 6:15 AM (yes, you read that right) to start our road trip...on a Sunday morning!
Stay tuned for more exciting adoption news as we pull into the summer-fall of 2013...some things are brewing behinds the scenes:-)

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